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Web Designer 6
1. Have a solid foundation of art, graphic design experience, good creative thinking and understanding
2. Proficient in Photoshop design, Flash animation
3. Familiar with design software Dreamweaver, familiar with DIV+CSS, javascript
4. Good communication skills and coordination ability, team spirit
5. Have more than one year experience in web design

Position:, PHP, ASP Software Engineer 4
1, proficient ASP.NET2.0 (C #), PHP, ASP familiar with the language development tools
2, familiar with JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML
3, proficient in SQL Server, MYsql, Access database design and development

Sales Representative 20
22-35 years old, has more than one year of business sales experience, understand basic computer operation
Outgoing, beautiful sound, image good, good temperament, expression, and communication skills

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