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Tourmaline Healthcare Cup

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Core tips:unction:  The new high-tech product is to improve the quality of people's drinking water.  1) The role of negative ions on the human body  By scientific research,our human body are badly in need of

The new high-tech product is to improve the quality of people's drinking water.
1) The role of negative ions on the human body
By scientific research,our human body are badly in need of negative ions, in order to improve this,the product appear in this area
2) Far-infrared effect on the human body
You may already know the health role of far-infrared,it plays roles in many aspects,such as central nervous system, circulatory system and so on.
3) Weak alkaline water play role on the human body
Healthy person's blood showed a weak alkaline, There are currently 85 percent of the population belonging to sub-health, and physical bias of sub-health is in the acidic.So it can make people more healthy.
4) Small molecules′s role on the human body
It can help promote metabolism,and improve their immune system.

Applicable for:
1) Heavy smoker
2) Weak people
3) Paitient with Hypertension, Hyperlipemia, Hypercholesterolemia

Packaging Detail: Gift box package or nice bag package


Gross Weight: 0.6Kg

42pcs/ctn: 53*26*50cm

45pcs/ctn: 41*40*43cm

Delivery Detail: 3-5 days

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