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Tourmaline raw ore

Author:Sophia Date:2010年10月13日 Source:Internet Views:

Core tips:Tourmaline is to remove impurities after tourmaline ore, after mechanical grinding powder obtained.

Tourmaline is to remove impurities after tourmaline ore, after mechanical grinding powder obtained. After purification of the tourmaline powder processing has a high output of negative ions and far-infrared emissivity.

Tourmaline according to different purposes, mainly by the different electrical powder particle size, ultrafine Tourmaline, Nano Tourmaline. For industries involved: surrounded, cigarettes, paint, textile, cosmetics, water purification, air purification, anti-electromagnetic radiation and health products. The following industry briefing in accordance with its application as follows:

* Tourmaline can absorb paint, gel and other products issued by the smell. For construction and decoration painting walls, can be adsorbed paint, gel, paint odors. In a small amount of ultra-fine coating of electrical powder, brush the walls and ceiling, not only can quickly suck odor, but also long-term suck smoke.

* Used to purify water, the electrical powder made from a variety of colors, shapes tourmaline ceramic, the container used for purification of mineralization, both beautiful, but also health care, you can remove the chlorine in tap water, thus changing the water's acidity, but also to filter the water of harmful elements, the release of a variety of trace elements beneficial to humans.

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