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tourmaline powder

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Core tips:  Tourmaline is to remove impurities after tourmaline ore, after mechanical grinding powder obtained. After  purification of the tourmaline powder processing has a high output of negative ions

Tourmaline is to remove impurities after tourmaline ore, after mechanical grinding powder obtained. After purification of the tourmaline powder processing has a high output of negative ions and far-infrared emissivity. Tourmaline according to different purposes, mainly by the different electrical powder particle size, ultrafine Tourmaline, Nano Tourmaline.
    For health care products, cosmetics, fine with precious stones like tourmaline, the color white, to join in the cosmetics or skin cream, contains trace amounts of tourmaline because of the beneficial B, F, SRLI other elements, cosmetic raw materials After treatment after tourmaline, reduced nutrient molecules, so that nutrition can be the gap between skin cells, skin cells generated even reach the dermis. Freckle crease recovery to achieve effects such as skin elasticity. Can be made into emulsion, facial cleanser, night cream, shower gel, lotion, facial mask, skin care products, make-up powder, etc., are dissolve the pimple, freckle, whitening effect, dandruff shampoo for quite effective, electrical poor stone fine powder resulting from far-infrared heat, which can stimulate the activation of human facial skin, to achieve sterilization, remove stains, treatment Qingchun Dou, cure skin diseases ulcerative dermatitis. Tourmaline can also be placed in the bath, can activate the body's bathing water quality results.

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