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slat blocks

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Core tips:Our annual supply of rock salt, crystal salt, rock salt, rock salt, crystal salt, salt blocks, salt lamps, salt blocks, natural salt lamps, craft salt lamps, appliances salt lamps, rock salt cooking, 

Our annual supply of rock salt, crystal salt, rock salt, rock salt, crystal salt, salt blocks, salt lamps, salt blocks, natural salt lamps, craft salt lamps, appliances salt lamps, rock salt cooking, salt blocks granular powder, salt flour , Salt soap, housing materials, a variety of mineral products. Produced from the mine in Hebei Province Lingshou salt (rock salt, crystal salt) water crystal is 3 million years ago evolved, after millions of years on the accumulation of the most neutral with a variety of substances on the human body itself has three of the natural Features:
 (1) release of the beneficial negative ions.
 (2) the same radiation and the body's natural frequency.
 (3) issued through the translucent crystal structure of the resulting spectrum. Mineral salt health benefits in addition to the release of negative ions, it also includes iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and so many other elements of personal benefit. And effective regulation of the body's metabolism and alleviate some chronic diseases.

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