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tourmaline ceramic ball

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Core tips:  Anion powder for other purposes: a clean air, eliminating human fatigue, the role of promoting human health.  In addition, the series also has antibacterial, antibacterial effect, and has significant

  Anion powder for other purposes: a clean air, eliminating human fatigue, the role of promoting human health. In addition, the series also has antibacterial, antibacterial effect, and has significant deodorizing. The product can be used for fibers, weaving of clothing worn by this time in person, to an endless stream of negative ions stimulate the human body, so that the body maintain energy; on the other hand, the body can continue to elimination various waste discharged from the body, with such features will not wash clothes more reasons, which will reduce its role. In addition, the product can be used for indoor paints and varnishes, can also be placed directly in the room as a special air cleaner, deodorant use.

The appliation of Anion powder: Clean air, Water Treatment, Elimination of unpleasant odor and harmful gases, Health effects.

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